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At Lincoln Square Eyecare, skilled optometrist Mariam Ethezaz, OD, knows that regular comprehensive eye exams are an integral part of your health and wellness. Dr. Ethezaz uses the most advanced optometric equipment to examine your eyes, which means she can offer the most customized care possible. Residents of Ravenswood and Lincoln Square, Chicago can call the office or book an appointment online anytime.


Eye Exams Q & A

When do I need eye exams?

At Lincoln Square Eyecare, Dr. Ethezaz offers both routine comprehensive eye exams and urgent care exams. In general, most men, women, and children need comprehensive eye exams once a year. But, you might need exams more often if you’re diagnosed with a condition like glaucoma or cataracts, as they can cause serious changes that require prompt attention.

Of course, if you suffer from any new eye problems, like dry eyes or sudden changes in your vision between your regular eye exams, you should call Lincoln Square Eyecare to see Dr. Ethezaz as soon as possible.

What do eye exams include?

Eye exams at Lincoln Square Eyecare usually include:

  • Eye history review
  • Visual acuity test with a digital system
  • Autorefraction to help find prescription
  • Keratometry to measure cornea curvature
  • Eye movement, teaming, and focusing tests
  • Eye disease screening

You might also need specialized tests if Dr. Ethezaz detects signs of eye disease during your exam. You may also require additional testing if you’re at risk for certain eye conditions based on your health history or current issues.

Does my eye exam include eye dilation?

In most cases, comprehensive eye exams include eye dilation. When your eyes are dilated, the pupil widens enough for Dr. Ethezaz to see the internal structures of your eye. This allows her to measure the pressure in your eye to check for signs of glaucoma.

Pupil dilation only takes a few minutes, and it’s not painful. You might have mild stinging in your eyes when Dr. Ethezaz administers the eye drops, but it fades rapidly. The drops take effect in around 20 minutes, and then Dr. Ethezaz performs the dilated exam.

Most patients can drive home after a dilated eye exam, but Dr. Ethezaz will inform you if it’s not safe for you to do so. The effects of dilation fade in around 4-6 hours.

When do I get my eyeglasses or contact lenses prescription?

You’ll get your eyeglasses or contact lenses prescription (or both, if needed) during your comprehensive eye exam. At that time, you can discuss all your vision correction options with Dr. Ethezaz so you can order the right glasses or contacts for your situation and needs.

Lincoln Square Eyecare is here for eye exams for all ages, so use the online booker or call the office to schedule your appointment today.


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At Lincoln Square Eyecare, Dr. Ethezaz offers both routine comprehensive eye exams and urgent care exams.

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