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Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, affects about 40% of Americans today. Whether your myopia is mild or severe, proper vision correction is essential to see anything at a distance clearly. At Lincoln Square Eyecare in Chicago, Mariam Ethezaz, OD, helps residents of Ravenswood and Lincoln Square enjoy clear vision with eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other corrective options. Book online or by phone now.


Myopia Q & A

What is myopia?

Myopia, an extremely common refractive error, causes fuzzy vision from a distance, but clear close-up vision. It’s commonly called nearsightedness. Myopia typically begins in childhood, and it tends to grow worse gradually until around the age of 20. Less commonly, adults can suddenly develop myopia. This is typically a side effect of a serious health condition like diabetes.

How does the eye doctor diagnose myopia?

Dr. Ethezaz can diagnose myopia during a comprehensive eye exam. She uses a highly advanced digital visual acuity system to evaluate your near and distance vision to note any irregularities or issues with your vision.

Then, if she determines that you have myopia, Dr. Ethezaz uses a sophisticated autorefractor to digitally analyze the way that your cornea and lens bend light to focus it onto your retina. The autorefractor gives Dr. Ethezaz an ideal baseline to start finding your prescription for myopia.

How often do I need a new prescription for myopia?

It varies by patient, but Dr. Ethezaz checks your visual acuity during every comprehensive eye exam at Lincoln Square Eyecare. Many patients don’t need a new myopia prescription every year, but it’s not unusual for children to need fairly frequent changes as they grow up.

Adults tend to have more stable myopia prescriptions, and in fact, frequent prescription changes could potentially be a sign of underlying vision problems like cataracts. Dr. Ethezaz always watches out for eye disease and emerging problems during your eye exam. Her top priority is your optimal vision and excellent eye health.

Because your contacts are in your eye all the time, it’s especially important that you keep them clean and attend regularly scheduled eye exams. Dr. Ethezaz is here to help, so call Lincoln Square Eyecare or use online scheduling for your contact lenses appointment now.

Can I have both myopia and hyperopia (farsightedness)?

You can’t have both myopia and hyperopia in one eye. But, it’s possible (though unusual) for one eye to be nearsighted while the other is farsighted.

Many patients wonder if they’ve suddenly developed hyperopia in addition to their myopia when they start having close-up vision issues at around age 40. This isn’t hyperopia but is most likely a problem called presbyopia. In presbyopia, your eyes lose some focusing ability because of normal changes in your eyes. Just like myopia, presbyopia can be easily corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. You can also get multifocal or bifocal lenses to correct both problems at once.

Lincoln Square Eyecare has the solutions to your eye care concerns. Get the sharp vision you deserve by calling the office or booking your appointment with Dr. Ethezaz today.


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Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, affects about 40% of Americans today. Whether your myopia is mild or severe, proper vision correction.

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